GLUTEN-FREE OATMEAL 300G (5906720573938)


Nutritional value: 

Energy value: 1533 kJ / 364 kcal

Fat:  6.9 g

of which saturated fatty acids: 1,2 g

Carbohydrates:  56 g

of which sugars: 1.3 g

Protein: 14 g

Salt: 0.0 g

Net weight:  300 g

Collective package 13 items

Store in a dry, cool place.

A method of preparing:

Add 40 g of oat flakes to 200 ml of cold water or milk.

Bring to a boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

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Nutritional values ​​of oatmeal

Our gluten-free product contains a large amount of carbohydrates and 400 calories per 100 grams, thanks to which it quickly adds energy to action. In addition, oatmeal is rich in protein (12 grams in 100 grams of the product), which ensures the proper functioning of the body and takes care of the metabolism.

The difference between oatmeal and instant oat flakes is the way they are made. They are prepared from oat grains, which are then sliced ​​and broken. Unlike instant flakes, they retain more nutritional value . Gluten-free oat flakes are an excellent source of protein, amino acids and vitamin E. They also contain unsaturated fatty acids that are healthy for our body and soluble fiber, the so-called Beta-glucans that effectively lower cholesterol, preventing   type 2 diabetes and cancer.

A popular dish based on flakes is porridge. This is nothing but oatmeal in milk. Most often it is prepared with cow’s milk, but it is also possible to use coconut or soy milk. There are many variations in the preparation of porridge, but the most important thing is that the whole process is usually very easy and fast. To make such a breakfast even tastier, it is worth diversifying the meal with a portion of your favorite fruit, honey or cocoa. By eating oatmeal for breakfast, we provide ourselves with many valuable ingredients and energy for a good start to the day. Other foods that can be made with oatmeal include:

  • oatmeal cookies,
  • oatmeal pancakes,
  • oatmeal pancakes,
  • oatmeal with yogurt

Gluten-free oatmeal is an ideal proposition for a healthy and quick breakfast, after which we feel full for a long time and have energy to act.